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West Allotment Celtic Reflects

After leading the league from start to its early finish we now need to reflect on the FA decision to make Steps 3-7 null and void. So much had gone into the season and plans were being laid for next season as a Division One team. Allotment now find themselves having to do it all over again although at this stage no one knows when that is. To say non league clubs are upset is an understatement with many now talking about legal action which we hope is successful. If the Premiership and EFL are allowed to finish their seasons why can't non league. Perhaps its something to do with TV rights and money which shows the FA has no understanding of grassroots football . The time and effort put in by committees up and down the country has all been for nothing.

However as a club with a long history and having dealt with hard times before we will go on and aim for promotion next season. More news of our plans will be coming over the next couple of weeks so keep checking on here.

Lastly the club would like to thank all our players and coaching staff and supporters for everything they did last season and we look forward to the future.

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