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The Season That Never Was !!

A few days ago the FA announced that West Allotment Celtic's season was void along with the Ladies season. To many teams that were sitting pretty with less than ten games to play this was a big kick in the teeth. However it looks like the higher leagues will be allowed to finish their seasons , which is a double standard . Our mens team have been great this season and given it everything to maintain their position at the top of the league. How can we turn round and say you must play another season in Division Two.

The clubs were not even consulted or given a vote to look at different ways this

may be resolved.

There is now pace gathering behind appeals and possibly legal action. No one has really given any thought to the fact that most Northern League clubs committees are run by men who have given most of their lives as volunteers and that these men are ageing.

Our Ladies find themselves in a similar position albeit there is not the financial plans riding on promotion and the players do not get paid. However they feel cheated not to be given the chance to complete their season and perhaps lift the league winners cup.

Everyone appreciates the current situation with a virus that has turned the world upside down , however all we are asking is that all football is treated the same.

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