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Seniors Suffer Again ! Juniors get restart and Ladies wait.

The news came through this week that yet again West Allotment Celtic's season is null and void with us sitting top of the second Division table. However the new ground is ready and waiting and the management are so keen to finish the job to get us back to Division 1. Opportunities for the juniors at the new ground to be ball girl and boys and mascots will be there along with perhaps some half time penalty shoot outs. Watch out for our opening of the new ground weekend.

The juniors season has been extended into June to try and get some more football in and we start again the first week of April so check with your coaches or on the match day app to see what is going on. We do however face challenges with cricket at Kings Field starting mid April and pitch maintenance.

The ladies league NERWL have so far not said anything about what is happening so we wait but suspect our season will be null and void. Our partnership with NUWFC will create a pathway for girls to NUWFC as they look to us for young talent and the girls team will get the chance to meet players etc.

Coerver has proved a good move although sadly we haven't been able to get the full benefit due to the pandemic. Hopefully in the summer we will get some live events when parents can attend and see Coerver in action.

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