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Preparation Begins

With the start of the new Northern League season being announced as the 31st of July which is a couple of weeks earlier than normal, things are starting to move on and off the pitch as Allotment look forward to a season in Division 1.

The work at Palmerville is well underway with the licence for the new bar set to be given in the next month and kitchen improvements will ensure the match day experience is a good one. A new stand to hold 100 standing spectators is on order and should be in place in July along with a new PA system. A club shop will be housed in the payment centre and Allotment fans will be able to purchase the clubs new scarfs and hats. The range of merchandise will be added to as the season goes on. The committee and management team met last week and together they are confident that the club will be able to compete in Division 1.

There will be good opportunities for sponsorship and our juniors to be part of the new era in our history.

Our reserve side Forest Hall Celtic will look to build a young squad to provide possible future players for Allotment.

The club has arranged a number of home friendlies but at this stage its not known when spectators will be allowed . Shankhouse will visit Palmerville on the 21st of July followed by the South Shields on the 28th.

We are hoping to announce a date to officially open the ground and this might also involve on the Sunday West Allotment Ladies playing.

Exciting times ahead for all.

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