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Allotment Begin A New Era Forest Hall 0 v 3 West Allotment

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

West Allotment stepped into a new period in their history today when they took to the field against Forest Hall. Although the building work is yet to begin Allotment will be based at Palmerville Community Center for the next 40 years. Forest Hall's Alliance side are to become Allotments reserves going forward with the two sides working together to build a strong bond. This was both sides first games and Allotment ran out easy winners in the end as expected. Goals from Gilberto in the first half and Abu and Shane Jones in the second were enough. Matty Hayton hit the bar from the spot, Forest Hall showed plenty of spirit and that they have a good group of young talent.

Hopefully the building work will begin very shortly both on and off the pitch to provide both teams with a home to be proud of.

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