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Update on Juniors COVID Guidance


West Allotment Celtic Juniors (WACJFC) are committed to following the guidance set from The FA regarding the return on the football pitch for competitive training. As a club we are delighted with this news, the safety of our staff and players is paramount first and foremost, and we thank all of our coaches, players and parents for their patience during what has been undoubtedly a very difficult time.

We have made the decision that from Wednesday 2nd of December competitive training will return for all teams throughout WACJFC and all guidelines MUST be adhered to. The club has produced a risk assessment, which all coaches have seen and is held by the committee. This can be shared upon request.

During this time, our coaches are working extremely hard to plan and deliver enjoyable sessions for all children in the club. But alongside their hard work, they are now having to work even harder to ensure all COVID 19 guidelines are being adhered to. With this in mind, the club would be grateful for any person(s) who would volunteer in assisting as COVID 19 officers, during training / matches. This would allow our coaches to focus fully on the children within the session.

We will do our best to put the staff and players in the safest possible environment, primarily it is the responsibility of parents/guardians to educate children on expectations when out on the field.

To follow our governing body recommendations, WACJFC are looking to uphold the below expectations going forward:


● WACJFC COVID-19 Officers are your team’s individual coach (until a volunteer from each team is elected).

● WACJFC will continually monitor the guidance from The FA and government to ensure WACJFC is providing the safest environment for all members.

● Any player/coach who is unwell MUST stay away from any training sessions until they feel fit to return. Any player/coach who has a family member who is COVID-19 symptomatic must not attend training and adhere to the government guidance and isolate for 14 days.

● Educate all WACJFC coaches on expectations and protocols when going back on the field.

● Practice plans that fit within the criteria of the guidelines

● Create a plan of action in case of the unfortunate event of a positive result.

● WACJFC have access to Percy Park Rugby club for toilets, but this is under the guidelines placed by the Rugby Club.

● WACJFC has a NO smoking policy anywhere within the confines of the playing areas.

● There is NO dogs allowed on site, exception of guide dogs

● WACJFC will be compliant and will adhere to the updated regulations provided by The FA.

● Provide enough space for teams to train while also adhering to the current social distancing requirements.

● We request that all visitors to our playing pitches, park on the main road running parallel to our playing areas, or in the small car park opposite. Please do not use Percy Park Rugby Club at this time.

● We ask that anyone who can walk/cycle to training to do so as the car park will have restricted availability

● There is a clear entry and exit point identified, which has been communicated by each team coach. We ask that all visitors respect this, and adhere to social distancing when entering and exiting the playing areas.

● Players must not attend their allocated training session any earlier than 5 minutes before the start and MUST leave immediately afterwards. Anyone late to a session will have to be turned away unfortunately

● Club training sessions will be monitored on a daily basis and if the club feels it is no longer safe we will cancel future sessions until further notice.

● Any individual team/player/parent/carer who is unable to follow social distancing will be asked to leave the session until guidelines are relaxed.


● Coaches are asked to arrive a minimum of 15 minutes before their session to check the area is safe and set up their session

● Each coach must keep an attendance register of each session for track and trace purposes.

● ALL coaches are required to wash their hands before, during and immediately after each training session.

● Sharing of kit and equipment should be avoided, if any equipment is shared then it must be cleaned before another person can use it.

● Coaches are to pay attention and monitor looks and/or behaviours of their players.

● If any coach senses a player to show characteristics of any ill behaviour are to contact the parent / guardian of the player and send them home immediately.

● All Coaches are required to set and pick up equipment.

● No players are to help in picking up coaches’ equipment.

● Individual training bibs are to be used for training sessions, but must be washed after every use.

● Players are to wear suitable clean training kit to training sessions and groups will be split up accordingly, coaches must check this is been followed through.

● All Coaches are to abide to the training guidelines and each training session structured

● Competitive match play is permitted but social distancing in place before and after the session, including intervals (refer to risk assessment - if anything is unclear speak to club committee)

● Coaches are encouraged to limit persistent close proximity of participants during all sessions

● There is to be no pre or post training huddle.

● Football nets/goals can be used during sessions BUT must be wiped down before matches, after matches and at intervals and locked away after use.

● All coaches must wear a face mask when coaching unless exempt.

● All Coaches will sanitize cones after each session, with footballs been sanitized during intervals and at the end of all sessions,


● Wash hands thoroughly before and after training at the designated area where hand sanitizer will be available.

● It is recommended players bring their own sanitizer to every session

● It is recommended all players must use their hand sanitizer during the water breaks/intervals.

● Players should only retrieve the football using their feet rather than their hands where possible.

● Participants must not spit and avoid shouting or raising their voices when facing each other

● If any player exhibits a fever and potential symptoms of illness, they are to miss any football related activity and can only return when they have followed the government's quarantine advice.

● Players are not to step on the field for training any earlier than 5 minutes before their training session is to start.

● All players are to have water bottles with names clearly labelled and are not to share any water with teammates. Empty bottles must be taken home at the end of the session.

● Players are to practice social distancing keeping any water bottles/bags at least 2 metres apart from others

● Players are to refrain from any unnecessary touching with teammates including high-5’s, hugs, handshakes, fist bumps.


● It is the parent’s responsibility to take the temperature of their child before coming to each training session.

● Upon arrival, parents should apply hand sanitizer (either their own, or use that provided by WACJFC)

● Car sharing with any member from outside of your household IS allowed but government and FA guidance must be followed.

• Parents/guardians are encouraged to attend and stay at our facility during training sessions, staying within eyesight of their child and are expected to adhere to the social distancing measures in place and remain in clearly marked areas. If unable to attend your child’s session please make your coach aware.

• Only one parent per child is allowed to attend training or matches and must wear a face mask unless exempt. Social distancing must be maintained at all times,

• A parent/carer is required as if a child becomes unwell or has an injury in the first instance, if a parent/carer is not in attendance WACJFC coach/first aider will come into contact with the injured party in full ppe, in emergency injuries emergency services will be called.

• Please wash your children’s training kit after each session.

• Before and after training sessions please sanitize equipment such as shin pads, boots, and goalkeeper gloves.

• Only engage with a WACJFC coach from a safe distance, but where possible please refrain from doing so and communicate via telephone / text message once home.

• Notify the club if your child does become ill. Many of these recommended protocols are common sense. If we work together to minimize exposure to the COVID-19 virus, then we can all stay safe and healthy and continue to enjoy sport activities.

West Allotment Celtic Juniors want to state it is not compulsory for your child to attend any training session and you DO NOT have to attend if this is the case, This will have no bearing on your child’s selection in any squads in the future.

If you have any further questions, please speak to your team coach, or one of the club’s committee.

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