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A Home At Last

News finally came through this week that the Northern League have awarded grade G to Palmersville. This now means when football resumes this will be West Allotment's new home for the next 40 years. The journey has been a struggle with the club moving several times over the years and the real possibility a couple of years ago that the club might fold. This is credit to the volunteers who over the years have devoted many hours to keeping the club going and can now see a bright future. This move is not the end but just the beginning of pushing the club on and this will hopefully start with promotion this season which will in turn see more development to the ground. Everyone is now looking forward to the 5th of December when Allotment will host Birtley Town at the new venue , which is yet to be named. We must also say a big thank you to Benfield FC who let us use their ground whilst the final conditions where fulfilled.

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